About Us

It all began with family, friends, and fellowship on Sundays after church. At the Watson’s residence, there was always a conversation about turning a dream into a reality of sharing our love for BBQ with the world. 

Our Mission

Treating each customer as a member of the family

Watson’s Famous BBQ is a veterans-owned and operated company in Pearland TX. Our goal is to nurture the relationships with our customers, and leave their taste buds begging for more after tasting the hickory, mesquite, and specially created blended spices that are perfectly crafted for each customer. To pair with our scrumptious BBQ, we also look forward to quenching our customers’ thirst with our specially crafted adult beverages.


It is our greatest desire to see our customers’ lips smacking and fingers stained with the Watsons Famous BBQ sauce. Our BBQ and drinks are a blend of love, time, and commitment; and we guarantee that “our smoke ain’t no joke”.

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